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Aside from delivering quality Weekly or Bi-Weekly Pool Cleaning Services, we also can diagnose and repair your pool hardware issue. As part of our ongoing commitment to customer service we provide 24 hour emergency pool hardware repair services. If you have a pool party planed or an important event that requires your pool or spa we can come at once to fix your issues. We work with all the major pool filter manufacturers, both commercial and residential. These types of calls are so common that we keep a good amount of pool hardware parts available and in stock. During our regular Weekly or Bi-Weekly Pool Cleaning Service Menifee we always make sure to checkout your pools hardware to check for upcoming service. If your hardware seems destined for failure we will make sure to alert and give you the best price for the part. What makes us an Honorable and Reliable Pool Cleaning Service Menifee is that we dont over charge for part replacement. Canyon Pool Service will generally speaking do the repair for cost just to make sure your pool experience is a good one. Don’t be afraid to call us at any time. We will send someone as soon as possible to address your issue.


Weekly or Bi-Weekly Pool Cleaning Service Menifee

Canyon Pool Service Menifee has flexible scheduling. Part of being the number 1 Pool service in Menifee is understanding that not all pools require the same level of attention. Instead of forcing some sort of plan or contract on our customers, we create a unique schedule just for you. We even offer the ability to schedule or cancel services thru our brandnew Pool cleaning portal. If you want to pay or upgrade or downgrade your service those options are available as well. We offer free in home estimates to all of our customers so feel free to call in today and setup a time where one of our Honorable and Reliable Pool Cleaning Service Menifee experts can come by and take a look at your pool. What Canyon Pool Service Menifee from other companies is our attention to detail. Not only that but generally speaking all of our customers pets love us. We have made a career delivering clean and healthy pools. We always clean your filter and make sure its flowing the same as it did the first day you installed. Proper filtration is absolutely necessary for a clean and healthy pool. Without the proper filtration your pool combined with the intense heat of the Menifee sun you have a definite recipe for a green pool. Aside from green pools being an eye sore for you and your neighbors Riverside County Sheriff has dispatched a team of helicopters and drones to investigate for green pools. If you are found to have a toxic green pool you can be assessed a fine. A costly fine could easily be avoided by using Canyon Pool Service Menifee. We hope to hear from you soon.


Acid Wash and Green Pool Restoration – Canyon Pool Service Menifee

If you found this website because your pool is in a state of disrepair we have a special message for you. We want to fix your pool for you. Not only for you but for the community. Canyon Pool Service Menifee will be sure to give you a more than fair price to get your pool back working again. Acid wash’s are a great way to add resale value and life to your home and pool. If you are worried you shouldn’t be. easy to have a green pool cleaned by the team at Canyon Pool Service Menifee but the faster you take action the better off you’ll be.I you can’t see the bottom of your pool you’ll need a more robust solution to remedy the problem. With our complete pool cleaning option we drain your pool and remove all dirt and debris. Next, we pressure wash and/or chlorine wash the interior surface, if needed. Once the interior surface is clean we refill the pool, rebalance the water, clean your pool filter and verify equipment functionality. Lastly, we add the start up chemicals and your pool is ready to enjoy again If you have read this far mention that you found us online and receive a special deal use the codeword : DannyB. Give us one chance to be your Honorable and Reliable Pool Cleaning Service Menifee and we will be sure that you will stick with us for years.


Honorable and Reliable Pool Cleaning Service Menifee – Canyon Pool Service Menifee

Are you looking for a Honorable and Reliable Pool Cleaning Service Menifee? Canyon Pool Service has been delivering premier pool cleaning services to Southwest Riverside County For over 20 years. Our customers choose to remain with us season after season because of our ability to deliver quality pool cleaning services at affordable rates. Unlike other Pool Cleaning Service Menifee contractors we show up on time and never miss days. Its our strict service guidelines and advanced knowledge of pool chemicals and hardware that gives us our competitive edge. Canyon Pool Service Menifee takes a great amount of pride in each and every Pool Cleaning Service Menifee contract that we fulfill. When you dive into your pool you can with zero worry because your pools chemicals have been tuned by a Pool Cleaning Service Menifee expert from Canyon Pool Service. We will not be beat when it comes to price either, we will match any written estimate and usually beat it. We are committed to being number 1 in Southwest Riverside County and will do whatever it takes to make sure all of our customers are supremely happy with their services.We understand how frustrating a dirty pool can be. More than that a unclean pool can be harmful for your family and friends. Take the stress away from pool ownership and give Canyon Pool Service Menifee a chance to show you that not all pool cleaning companies are equal

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