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Pool Cleaning Murrieta – Canyon Pool Service Murrieta

For close to 3 decades Danny and the Canyon Pool Service Murrieta team have been providing amazing one of a kind pool cleaning service. We offer both weekly and bi-weekly services and can work around your schedule. We know that you could go with one of the many pool contractors or cleaning services around in an already crowded Murrieta marketplace but what separates us from the competition is that we truly value you as a customer. You are not simply just another name to us you are family.

We will always go out of our way to make sure you get the exact pool cleaning that is optimized for your situation. If you ever have to reschedule a simple text will work. All our technicians have years of experience and have been trained and certified not only in pool technology and pool service, but also in customer service. We can troubleshoot any situation and your pool is our priority. We do NOT load our technicians with 100 pools per week like other pool companies do.

Our pool techs spend about 30 to 45 minutes on each pool every time they service it. If you have worked with other companies you probably have experienced the 15 minute pool service which in our opinion is theft. We will not leave your home until you have gotten a completely clean pool ready for worry free swimming.

Pool Hardware Repairs Murrieta – Canyon Pool Service Murrieta

If you are like many of our customers pool party and backyard entertaining is a regular occurrence. We will always make sure that your pool hardware is in good working order. If you have an upcoming event or if you hear funny noises coming from your pool hardware we can help. A simple call our text and one of our expert pool hardware repairs Murrieta technicians will come out and perform and diagnostic exam. We carry many of the commonly used brands of pool hardware in stock.

So chances are we can get you back to 100% functioning with limited interruption. We work with all of the common named brand systems including the salt water systems and all types of pool heaters and pool suction cleaners and devices. If you spa heater or spa pump is on the fritz it can be costly. Make sure to ask our pool hardware repair Murrieta technicians about what common upkeep can be performed from time to time to make sure you have limited down time.

Just remember that our Canyon Pool Service Murrieta staff will always go that extra mile to give you a one of a kind service. Honesty and integrity is what we have built our name on and will continue to extend our one of a kind customer service to you and your family. We also offer Commercial Pool Hardware Repair Services as well.

Green To Clean Pools Murrieta – Canyon Pool Service Murrieta

Has your pool become an unkept green algae riddled swamp? Many homeowners have let their pools go over the past year. Have no fear Canyon Pool Service Murrieta is your green to clean pool Murrieta expert. We have worked with both commercial and residential customers to fix their green pool. You are not alone and we can fix this issue very quickly for you. Having a green pool is nothing to be ashamed of and we will go out of our way to give you a pristine one of a kind pool cleaning that will get you back into a safe pool for the family to enjoy. Having a green pool can become costly if you continue to let it sit.

Riverside County is notorious for flying helicopters over the tract homes and writing tickets to those who continually let their pool sit. Having a green pool can cause mosquitos to breed and in this age of covid can be carriers of virus’s. Have no fear as our pool cleaning experts will transform your pool using our state of the art chemical compositions. A common misconception is that swimming pool algae is caused only by a lack of chlorine.

Although a lack of chlorine can cause an algae bloom to occur there are usually other causes that assist in the Algae bloom. If your green pool sits for too long it can stain the plaster of your pool and then you will have to drain the pool in order to apply a chemical bath to remove the stain. If you call Canyon Pool Service Murrieta in time you might not even have to drain the pool, we treat Green Pools based on how bad they are. A rule of thumb is that if you can see the bottom of your pool you have a chance of getting away with a chemical shock instead of a full pool drain and refill.

Pool Tile Cleaning and Repairs – Canyon Pool Service Murrieta

If you have a chipped or cracked tile in your pool we can go ahead and replace it for you like it never even happened. If you have noticed that your pool is losing much more water than usual perhaps you have a leak somewhere in the bottom or where you can’t see. A small leak the size of a quarter can mean hundreds or thousands of lost gallons of water per year.

We can promise that our price to detect your leak will beat the competition every time. We have a full understanding and incomparable experience in leak detection for pools. With our top of the line state-of-the-art water leak detection technology and repair techniques we assure every client of full satisfaction and a reliable experience. One Call does it all give Canyon Pool Service Murrieta a call today and we will make sure that your tiles are clean and your pool hardware runs optimally without leaks or off chemicals. We truly value you as a customer and will do whatever it takes to keep you for years. We look forward to providing you with one of a kind customer service