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Canyon Pool Service

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Full Range of Pool Cleaning Services

Canyon Pool Service is your one stop shop for all things pool related. From the tiles and lights in your pool all the way to filtration equipment, we  can install repair or offer maintenance. An efficient system for pool cleaning is essential for all pool owners. We not only maintain your pool, but we will educate you on what types of things to alert us to. If you notice funny smell or slimy floor its time to get Canyon Pool Service on the scene. Smells and slime mean that your pool’s ph levels are off and need to be corrected. Don’t leave your pool cleaning and maintenance to some amateur go with a name you can trust go with Canyon.

Pool Cleaning Murrieta

Pool Cleaning Murrieta is very important. If you have been in the valley during summer you would know how hot it gets. Nothing can lower your body temperature faster than a quick dip. No one likes to swim in a unkept or untidy pool, cloudy water is a sure sign that you don’t want to jump in. It’s nothing to be ashamed of if you are unable to give your pool the proper time it needs. Just contact Canyon Pool Service and we can take care of all of your maintenance needs.

Not only are dirty pools uninviting to look at, but they can also be dangerous to the health of family and friends.  If not properly maintained your pool can make for a nasty habitat for bacteria. If you don’t maintain your pool for long enough pest such as mosquitoes will turn you pool into a breeding ground, Those problems however rare can happen. Usually what happens if you let your maintenance program go to the wayside is broken equipment and filters. When pool owners fail to clean their baskets and skim properly all of that debris keeps running through your filter system. Once your filter system has had enough it will simply give out. Countless times I have had to install new pool filters from just lack of care. It’s much more cost effective in the long run to pay someone to maintain your pool. Not only will poor maintenance damage the systems of your pool it will also start to degrade your steps walls and floors over time. Keep your pool clean with Canyon Pool Service

Canyon Pool Service “Keeping You Wet”

Pool Cleaning Murrieta

Pool Cleaning Murrieta

The Canyon Pool Service Difference

Canyon Pool Service can benefit you greatly. Your pool will be thoroughly cleaned week in and week out. We on a monthly or weekly basis will Scrub and brush all of  the walls, floors and steps. We will skim all debris from the surface of the pool and vacuum the pool as well. We are always sure to remove the build up from all pool baskets as well. Cleaning your pool baskets is the easiest way to increase the longevity of your pool filtration system. After we clean all the necessary items in and around your pool, we will check your pools water levels. Many times home owners won’t notice a leak until its far to late. Catching a leak early will save you lots of time and money. Finally we will make sure the chemical balance of your pool is kept in check. When applying chemicals to your pool leave it to a professional, adding to much chlorine or other chemicals can really hurt someone. Don’t risk you family’s safety over a few dollars hire a professional and always have confidence

Pool Repairs

We have repaired thousands of pools back to working condition in our 30 years. We take on all types of repair jobs stemming from large to small we do it all. We repair pumps, chips and filters. The sooner you alert us to a pool problem the more money you will most likely save.


Pool Heater Repair :

Pool heaters should always be serviced by a professional. Repairing a heater for a pool is quite complex and can also be dangerous. If you are not certified to work with natural gas or propane please contact Canyon Pool Service today.  We have seen a few tragedies where do it yourself pool owners were badly hurt when tinkering with their propane heaters. Don’t be a statistic, let canyon address and fix the problem for you. Whether we repair or replace it we promise to always give you he best deal

Pool Leak Repair and Detection :

The water levels of your pool are going to fluctuate from evaporation. Most wise pool owners will keep track of how much water their pool loses on an average day. If you notice your pool is losing more water than normal for the season or losing water extremely quickly call Canyon Pool Service immediately. The sooner you address a leak in your pools frame the easier it is to fix it. If left unattended the leak will just keep growing and growing, The more the leak grows the more cost you are going to run into.

Pool Filter Repairs :

Most pool filter repairs are as simple as cleaning the filter out. If you haven’t serviced your filter chances are their is a clog or backup. This will also vary depending on what time of filtration system you have currently. With pool filters we will always give you more than a few options on repairs and replacement issues for all size budgets and pools.

Pool Pump Repair:

If your pump is broken it can have a serious effect on your motor. Broken or leaky pumps are the number one cause of pool motor failure. Many pool pumps maintenance on a yearly basis. If you pump hasn’t been serviced in awhile you are definitely headed towards a motor or pump failure

Green To Clean Pool Experts :

We are the Inland Empires green pool repair experts. If you have a pool that is currently suffering from overwhelming algae, we can help. We have our own methods that we have honed over the years that most pool cleaners wouldn’t know about. We have the ability to bring even the worst pools back from green oblivion. Call us today and find out what we can do for you